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A huge ‘Thank you’ to you all for your regular support of the North Guildford Food Bank through your generous donations of produce over the past few months.
It has been a busy time for us and is only now starting to quieten down after what seemed a lengthy spell of bad weather when we supplemented the food parcels with gas and electricity top-ups for those who were really struggling.
The Guildford Lions also generously supply us with fresh potatoes, carrots and eggs each week.
Fortunately, we never ran short, largely to your generosity and those like you who we know we can rely on, and our clients are really appreciative of what they receive.
We do expect to be less busy over the summer but are still grateful for your donations. Currently, our specific needs are for the following items:
• Pasta/curry sauces
• Marmite
• Nappies sizes 4+, 5, 5+
• Cooking oil
• Bags for life
Please don't bring chocolate items while the weather is so hot. 
Please keep our clients in your prayers