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Child Protection

St John's Stoke takes the responsibility of looking after young people very seriously.  We seek to protect the young people under our care and the leaders who look after them.


Young People: Within St John's Stoke all young people attending groups must have their parents or guardians complete relevant Consent Forms so leaders can get in contact in case of an emergency. We do this so that we can get your permission for the child under your care to undertake activities organised by the Church.

Leaders: All our regular leaders and helpers of groups are committed members of the church and have submitted both Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Forms and Internal Child Protection Forms before they are allowed to work with our young people. 
We also take up two references about each leader to confirm their suitability for this work.

All Consent Forms and Child Protection Forms are available from the Church Office.

Child Protection Officer: 
Carol Lowries

For more information please visit the Guildford Diocesan web site.