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My Story – Servina

When I came to hear about Christianity a short time ago, I was very eager to know more about God, so the Alpha course was attractive to me and I went on the course.

I found the course exceeded my expectations. The teaching was well structured, informative and inspiring.
The discussions were lively, thought provoking and conducted in a very friendly and encouraging manner.
I also liked the food which made a nice social atmosphere.
Quickly, I felt very attached to St John's and started to attend to learn more.  Six months later I was Baptised. This church has become my spiritual home and subsequently I have been involved in many church activities and made new friends.

My friends and family have noticed that I am more joyful and feeling more peaceful after I have come to faith through Jesus Christ. The experience has changed my life in a positive and exciting way.
My vision is to continue my spiritual growth and to have a positive impact on others, of course with all the strength of Jesus Christ.