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My Story – Mark

I came to the Alpha course as an Alpha male who had been outwardly successful in business but inwardly was a failure and had alienated loved ones to such an extent that I was lonely and unfulfilled.

The course is well structured, built on the key cornerstones of the Christian faith. It deals with real issues for real people and draws heavily on the personal experiences of those that run and attend the course.  

St Johns was a wonderful setting for this journey and blends the spiritual with the homely.  Food is served and there is plenty of opportunity to build friendships and to share experiences with a broad cross section of people.  

I have found the course and the interaction with the Church to be life changing and now have a far deeper sense of spiritual understanding.  I live each day as it comes and have faith in God to make the big decisions in my life.  I am at peace.

For anyone that is troubled or needs to redefine their priorities and seek comfort through Christ, I would thoroughly recommend the Alpha course as a way to faith and spiritual contentment.