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For those who would like to give We encourage all committed church members to become ‘Partners’ in the vision and work of the church by considering how much they give financially and in time and gifts to the church family.

Financial Giving

St John's Stoke is entirely self-financing. The church receives no money from the Church of England or Guildford Diocese central funds. Apart from a little property income from hiring out the Church Centre, all our income is given by members of the congregation. We believe that regular financial giving is a spiritual discipline and that God calls us to be generous with what we have. We believe that we hold everything we own personally on trust for God and his purposes. There are tax efficient ways of giving and details are available from the church office: or from: Jo Lamberth Treasurer: Partnership Pledge Form 2017

Giving of Time and Talents

We believe that we are the body of Christ, equipped with gifts and skills to use in the service of God. Therefore, we want to encourage all church members to discern their gifts and put them to good use in building up the body of Christ.

Each year we all existing and new church members to offer their gifts and skills as an act of worship. If you want to get involved and offer your time and skills alongside your financial gifts, please speak to Helen in the office.


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BANK MANDATE FORM to set up regular giving to the church

ANNUAL REPORT for 2013-2014 including accounts