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Our Vision

Our vision is to be 'a growing church at the heart of the community.' Being a growing Church means that we seek to grow closer to God, each other and to the community we serve. Our Vision for 2020 is that we would grow as a church in five main areas:
  1. Worship and Prayer - growing in vibrant worship, deep prayer, knowing more of God
  2. Discipleship and Fellowship - every member of the church growing in their discipleship, belonging to a Small Group and living an authentic Christian faith
  3. Children, Youth and StudentsĀ - this generation of young people transformed by God's love
  4. Reaching OutĀ and Caring For Others - making a difference in the local community
  5. Growing and Developing our Facilities for Life and Growth in 2020
...and the most exciting thing about the 2020 Vision is that YOU can be a part of it!